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Poomagal Tamil tv-serials on JAYA TV

Poomagal is a Tamil language TV show. The TV show has been telecasted by Kaya TV in the year 2015 for its viewers. The TV show derives its origin from the Hindi TV show Phulwa. The TV series is a dubbed version of Phulwa. The TV show has been written by Aseeem Arora, Sonali Jaffar, Aloke and, Sandiip. Balkrishna Singh Rahul pnadey has directed this TV show. Jaya TV has telecasted this TV show from Monday to Friday at 9.30 PM for a running time of 30 minutes. The cast of the serial involves Sargun Mehta who plays the female protagonist. Ajay Chaudhary is playing the male protagonist, ACP Abhay Singh, Mohit Malik playing Dr. Arjun Singh. Prashant Narayanan playing Bhavani, Angad Hasija playing Shankar, Sai Ballal as Bade Thakur, Sadhna S Singh playing Sharbati’s mother, Jagdeep Jaffery playing Bade Baba and many more talented artists.

The story of the serial sets in Chamba. The story of Poomagal revolves around a sweet, loving and, innocent girl whose name is Phulwa. She lives in a part of India which is bandit-infested. Phulway’s life is way too hard; she loses her family at a very tender age. Losing most of her family also took away from her innocence and, childlike traits from her. Phulwa has an older brother in her family who is her foster brother actually. Bhavani has some issues with Shankar and, therefore Shankar tales revenge from Bhavani by abducting Phulwa. Next, in the story, it is shown that Shankar and, Phulwa get married. Shankar makes Phulwa’s life difficult for her. He has a belief that it is Bhavani who has killed his sister-in-law and, elder brother.

Also, he believes that his younger sister whose name is Mahua was once in love with Bhavani, but he left her. They go through ups and downs. Shankar, who is three times older than her grows fond of her. He makes amends for all his earlier actions that have spoiled the life of Phulwa. She also starts calling him Master Ji out of respect. One day Bade Thakur also known as Daroga Singh sent a marriage prosal to Mahua for his son Chotte Thakur. Mahua still loves Bhavani and, therefore she runs away. When Daroga comes to know about this, he finds her and murders her. Shankar finds out that it is Thakur and his son who are the murderers of his sister-in-law and elder brother. The father-son duo comes with Sharbatii and attack Phulwa and her family. Bhavani manages to save Phulwa but cannot save her family. This makes Phulwa take revenge for these deaths, and that is why she joins the bandits. The Show takes a leap ten years leap where Phulwa is now a grown up woman and, starts her revenge.

The show goes on with the same. Meanwhile, she meets ACP Abhay who is ready to get engaged to Aarti, but Phulwa gets in place of Aarti and ends up marrying him. In real Aarti has helped Phulwa with this so that she could take her revenge. Phulwa finally gets into Thakur’s house. After that, Abhay also starts falling towards Phulwa. Abhkay finds out that Thakur has killed his mother. Abhay angrily goes out and meets with an accident. Then comes Arjun in the story who is a surgeon and has come to treat Abhay. Abhay gets treated and, cured. Arjun is actually the younger brother of Shankar who has come to take the revenge of his brother’s death. He plans to kill Phulwa and, Abhay both. This secret is revealed to all and Abhay tells him that the real culprit is Thakur. Abhay and, Arjun grabs Thakur and finally, Phullwa kills him. The serial comes to an end with Abhay and, Phulwa living a happy life with their two children. The serial has come up with 250 plus episodes and has been loved by the audience.


Another Version Of This Serial:

Poomagal is Tamil dubbed version of Phulwa which used to come on Colors Channel. It belongs to drama genre. The producers of the show were Siddarth Kumar Tewary and VikasSethi. It came from Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm. The writers of the show were Aloke, Aseem Arora, SandiipSikcand, and Sonali Jaffar.

The cast of the show included Sargun Mehta aka Phulwa Abhay Singh, Ajay Chaudhary aka ACP Abhay Singh, Mohit Malik aka Dr. Arjun Singh, Prashant Narayan aka Bhavani, Angad Hasija aka Shankar, Sai Ballal aka Bade Thankur, Shivani Surve aka Champa, and JagdeepJaffery aka Bade Baba. The other cast included Sadhna S Singh, Bhavesh Balchandani, Jannat Zubair Rahmani, Anirudh Dave, Manasvi Vyas, Garima Zair Tiwari, Mahesh Chandra Bhatt, Shikha Singh, and Rakshanda Khan.

The show is set against the backdrop of Chamba forest and is based on the life of a dacoit turned politician, Phoolan Devi. The story revolves around Phulwa, a little village girl, who lives in a bandit-infested area. She is very loving, innocent and sweet but ends up losing her innocence and her almost entire family in a ruthless feud at an early age. Phulwa’s foster brother, Bhavani, is very old and is a bandit and his enemy, Shankar, abducts Phulwa for revenge.

It seems to everyone that Phulwa and Shankar are married, so they are forced by panchayat to live together even though Shankar is three times older than Pulwa. They start living together, and Shankar thinks that Bhavani killed his sister-in-law and brother, and also left Mahua, his younger sister, who was in love with him. Shankar starts amending his earlier actions after becoming fond of innocent Phulwa, and she starts respecting him and calling him as Masterji.

Shankar doesn’t show interest in Sharbati’s offer of marriage. Mahua’s marriage is fixed with Bade Thakur’s son, Chote Thakur, but she runs away as she still loves Bhavani for which they kill her and later Shankar realizes that they only had killed his brother and sister-in-law, not Bhavani. Thakurs with Sharbati’s help abduct Phulwa, and her family so Bhavani and Shankar go to help them in which Bhavani saves Babu and Phulwa, but rest of Phulwa’s family and Shankar are killed which leaves a very bad impact on Phulwa’s life and she swears to take revenge for their death. She and Babu go with Bhavani to hide-out of his bandit and Phulwa joins Bandits.

The story takes ten years leap after which now Phulwa is a fearless and tough woman. She helps poor people and is against injustice. Her biggest enemies are Thakurs, and Sharbati is now married to Chote Thakur. Sharbati confesses killing Shankar, and Phulwa ends up killing Chote Thakur in self-defence for which Sharbati and Bade Thakur pledge revenge against her. Phulwa feels that her revenge is completed after Chhote Thakur’s death but Gayatri, head of bandits, tell her not.

A stranger, Shatrughan, enters their group, gains their confidence and later turns out to be new ACP, Abhay Singh, who arrests the entire group of Phulwa. Meanwhile, Sharbati tries to take revenge from Phulwa but fails. Roshni, a lawyer, decides to fight for Phulwa in court. Later, it is revealed that Abhay is actually the son of Bade Thakur born out-of-wedlock but is very loyal to his father as he considers him a good person. Bade Thakur offers to marry Phulwa with Abhay for gaining sympathy and therefore to increase his political success for which Phulwa agrees so that she can escape jail but Abhay is already engaged and tells Phulwa to back off.

On the marriage of Abhay and Aarti, Roshni helps Phulwa to take Aarti’s place by hiding behind bride’s veil, but later it is revealed that they were helped by Aarti out of sympathy. Phulwa now stays at Thakur house as daughter-in-law which makes Bade Thakur and Abhay furious, but they remain helpless and just wants to expose Thakurs as a revenge of her sufferings. Abhay starts getting closer to Phulwa and hears Bade Thakur confessing that he killed Abhay’s mother for which Bade Thakur throws him out of the house.

Abhay gets into an accident and seriously needs blood belonging to rare blood group, so Phulwa begs to Bade Thakur who places a condition that she has to be his slave without wearing any ornament, not even manglasutra. She agrees helplessly, but Abhay cannot move even after getting blood due to a spinal problem which makes Phulwa shocked. Then comes entry of an angry Dr. Arjun, best surgeon, who first refuses to help them but later agrees and cures Abhay.

Arjun’s real identity is revealed that he is Shankar’s younger brother and has come to avenge his death. Arjun makes the plan to kill Abhay from Phulwa’s hands as her punishment, but Babu tells him the truth about real culprit. Later, Abhay with Babu and Arjun traps Bade Thakur who at the end is killed by Phulwa. The serial’s ending shows Abhay and Phulwa along with their kids leading a happy life.