Tamil Tv Serial Panjami

Panjami Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Panjami is a Tamil TV serial broadcasted on Sun TV. The serial is an anthology horror story inspired by Indian folk tales. It was a weekly serial that got aired once in a week. It was considered as one of the scariest serials in its time. Urvashi, an ace Kollywood actress, played an important role.

In one of the episodes, there was a man-eating ghost that lived in a jungle. Later it was found out that the man-eating creature was nothing but a human being, who got separated from his parents when he was little and was raised by animals and hence he eats humans. Later in the episode, he was killed. In another episode, there was a ghost that haunted a house. A young couple moves into the house that is haunted by the ghost. They tried to leave the house but were unable to as the ghosts didn't want them to move out. Later they found out that he has some desires and then they helped the ghost fulfill his desires and then he leaves the house. If you are looking to watch some spine chilling ghost stories this is the serial for you. This serial was a gem for 90s kids.