Tamil Tv Serial Kula Deivam

Kula Deivam is a Tamil daily drama series that airs on Sun TV. The show premiered on 11 May 2015, and it airs Monday through Saturday at 7:30 PM. The show is produced by Thiru Pictures and is directed by Thirumurugan. The Kula Deivam cast was very impressive with the famous stars such as T. S. B. K. Moulee, Vadivukkarasi and Srithika The show completed its 100th episode on 4 September 2015. It was telecasted on Sri Lanka Tamil Channel Shakthi TV. It is the tale of a couple who stay together with their children and grandchildren. Problems arise in their close-knit family when the different generations clash with each other. Arumugam.karu writes the dialogues; Baskar Sakthi handles screenplay, and Sarath Chandran takes care of cinematography.

Thirumurugan produces the serial. Kula Deivam is the story of a business person Arunachalam who has two families. His first wife takes care of her two daughters and one son. His son Duraipandian and one of his daughters,Mangala do not like their mother. They blame their mother Gnanambal for everything and also blame her for the separation of their father. Hence, the mother Gnanambal stays with her last daughter, Alumelu (Srithika). Her daughter Mangala (Shanthi) is married to Karunakaran (Durairaj) and has two daughters Kaiveli and Velvizhi. And Son Duraipandian is married to Narmada and has sons Amutha and Vetriventhan. However, the mother Gnanambal cannot control her feelings of motherhood and always keeps trying to meet Duraipandian and Mangala.

It is shown in the serial that due to Pitru dosham, one grand-daughter Kaiveli is given to Duraipanidian to be taken care of. This is a story of one family which is separated from Arunachalam. On the other hand, Arunachalam is a busy and established business person. But both Arunachalam and Gnanambal have faith on their “Kula Deivam” which helps them to meet up together and come closer. Arunachalam has another family where her grown-up son Keshav and Arthi look after his business. Ananya and Rohit( Anil Kundhe) are the son and daughter of Keshav. While daughter Kalpana is wedded to Augustine, who has three daughters named Shruti, Shreya, and Hansika, Arunachalam’s granddaughter Ananaya goes missing, and he comes to file the complaint at the police station.

Arunachalam always complaints that it is his daughter-in-law Arthi is a home-breaker who is busy with partys and social gatherings while son-in-law Augustine is a half-drunkard and useless. Every episode has been dealt with various problems. Meanwhile, Alamelu goes to Chennai for a job. There she meets her father Arunachalam but cannot recognize him. T. S. B. K. Moulee plays the role of Arunachalam and Vadivukkarasi plays the role of Gnanambal. Having an impressive cast and an engaging plot, all the Kula Deivam episodes was and still is immensely popular with the South Indian audience.