Tamil Tv Serial Kallikattu Pallikoodam

Kallikattu Pallikoodam Tamil Tv serials on Vijay tv

Kallikaatu Pallikoodam is a village based-story which is set in a village of the Theni district, and potrays the dreams of school kids in carried in their burdened bags. The Kumaraguruparar school is the center of focus where the education, discipline and knowledge is of the core qualities. It is an achievement for the parents to get their children admitted in this school and a dream come true for all children in and around the Madurai and Theni districts, where the Kariapatti village students have no other exceptions to top this aspiration.

But due to the long and unresolving quarrel between two the towns, the Kariapatti village students get banned from studying in the Kumaraguruparar school. However, the new principal of the school does not succumb to the social pressures, keeping in mind, only the importance of the education. . He then decides to give admissions to the deserving students which then leads to causing the friction between the two towns.

On one end where the students of Kariapatti rejoice upon hearing the news, the students of Kumaragurparar on the other end, protest against it. The plot of the series focuses on how the Kariapatti students cope with all the pressures of being not wanted by the majorities.. Kallikaatu Pallikoodam carries all the footprints of a village school, the green trees all around and slow paced lifestyle. All these factors attribute in making the audiences enter into another world where life still remains simple and straight forward till date.

The cast of this series was packed with a bunch of fresh new faces and lot of kids who were moulded into the unique characters and they successfully made ready their presence be felt by everyone across every household in Tamil Nadu. This series was telecasted on Star Vijay TV channel, specifically on the weekdays between year of 2009 - 2010.

Another version of this story...

Kallikaatu Pallikoodam is a village schoolbased Tamil drama serial of a School and its students in a village located in the Theni district. The story is based on a school named Kumaraguruparar School where they mainly impart the Discipline and Education to the students. It was an ambition for all students in the Theni districts especially for kids in the town of Kariappati.

But the endless quarrel between the two towns restricted the kids from studying further in that school. However, the principal who only cares about educating the childern and not about the fight between the two towns. How the Kariappati students withstand the hatred from the other students and how they overcome this struggle is plot of the story. The show was aired on the Vijay TV channel from October 19th of 2009 till May 6th of 2010 with total of 126 episodes. The localation , the dialect, the simple mindedness of the people, the aspiring school Kids were all blended together in a yet another unique offering from the Vijay TV.