Tamil Tv Serial Inspector Derrick

Inspector Derrick Tamil Tv serials on Doordarshan

Derrick was one of the most loved, watched and followed series on Television. It was aired on Doordarshan in the 1980s. Originally Derrick was a German TV Crime Series written by Herbert Reinecker. It was written as long as a 60 minutes running episodes. The impersonator of the protagonist of this crime series was Horst Tappert. He had a loyal assistant Klein, with him he used to solve murder cases in Munich and surrounding areas. The series got immense fame and was broadcasted in many countries with a total of 281 episodes. It was a dubbed English version of the series which was aired on Doordarshan in Kerala India.

The character of Derrick was more of a gentleman who treated the offenders with respect. His approach towards his cases, offenders, and investigation, was a humanitarian one. He barely had used guns or did violence in the series throughout. His intelligent and dignified personality was on screen throughout the series. He actually had become a hero for the kids. The series portrayed a sarcastic yet organic relationship between Derrick and his assistant Klein. Derrick’s private life was only showed in two episodes where he had a girlfriend after which in one episode Derrick claimed that he was no longer married.

There was hardly any light shown on the private life of Klein. In the show, Derrick used to follow his main suspect, question him and claim that he wanted to know them better to solve his cases. Klein as a character was also very intelligent and rarely made any mistakes, though he always had to stand behind his boss and had to move his head in public to whatever his boss said. The series gained a huge amount of popularity overseas. For many years it was shown in Australia. In Norway, the show has run by NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) and still runs today.

In France, the series of the show was running till 2013. Moreover, the show was aired in Iran, Italy and Kenya too. And not to forget it was aired in India as well. Apart from this entire popularity, Derrick has been the protagonist of many books published in Germany and Italy. The series came to an ending in 1988 not because people had started to lack interest in the show but Horst Tappert had reached an age limit. Moreover, he was the only man having a fan base abroad. In the last episode, Derrick moved towards a new phase of life. The strange and unique thing about the series was that there were 3 cases in total that Derrick and Klein could never solve.