Tamil Tv Serial Guide Gayathri

Guide Gayathri Tamil Tv serials on Zee tamil

Guide Gayathri is a Tamil language TV show. Zee Tamil has telecasted this TV show in the year 2014. Guide Gayathri is a daily soap opera telecasted for the Tamil TV viewers. Gayathri is the protagonist of the story of the daily soap opera. The story of the TV show revolves around Gayathri. She is an 18 year old girl. All she wants from her life is respect for her mother in the cruel society. She wants an identity for her mother as a wife in the society. In each episode she faces some new difficulties to work for the same. She gives it her all and, strives really hard for her mother’s identity. Due to the difficulties coming her way she even goes to jail as she commits a crime which is murder that she has not actually committed. Also, she loses her mother in person in one bargain. Later on she finds out that she has been cheated upon.

This completely changes Gayathri as a person and, changes her path of struggle and her ways of struggle. She vows against all the wealth, wages, money and, power and moves on to a path where she can be always ready to take on to her step mother and step sister. In her struggle for her mother she doesn’t ask for some power and wealth where she could become a hero by winning it but she wants to take away everything her opponents have. She wants them deprived of everything which actually her mother owns. She has a mantra in the entire show which she believes in. She says that ‘I might have been born poor but taking birth as a poor is not my mistake, but if I die poor then it is my mistake and it will be only my mistake.’

For this battle of hers she faces a lot of hardships in each episode. She has to sacrifice the affection that she gets, love that is ready to come her way and kicks everything that distracts her from her goal. The story of Gayathri or the story of Guide Gayathri TV show is full of triumph, revenge, aspirations, sacrifices and identity. The daily soap opera was telecasted on the weekdays by Zee Tamil. The story of Gayathri kept the audience enthralled and intact with the storyline of the serial. The audience loved watching such a strong character of a woman who is ready to go against any odd for her mother’s identity. Also, the show focused on the relation of a mother and her daughter. The show crossed 200 plus episodes and, was a big hit on the Tamil TV screens.