Tamil Tv Serial Andha Oru Nimisham

Andha Oru Nimisham Tamil Tv serials on Doordarshan

Antha Oru Nimisam was aired in Doordarshan in the 80s, featuring actress Kaveri of ‘Vaikasi Poranthaachi ‘fame.Now. She is known as ‘Metti oli Dhanam’, after the ‘Metti Oli’ serial.

The serial story revolved around the family of Kaveri. The young girl was the only daughter of a landlord and is taken care with utmost care and love. They had a servant I their house, who was a young guy and he too took care of the girl same like her parents. She was considered precious. But fate took toll, when she was involved in an accident and undergoes blood transfusion. She got AIDS through the blood transfusion and it was known only after many days. When the family came to know about that, it was already late and she was nearing death. She during her final days, thought about her parents and was worried about them.

She took the decision of marrying the servant. One day she approached him and asked him, if he could do her a favour. The servant replied, telling that he could do whatever she liked. On the day of her death, she, at her death bed, asked the servant to tie the Mangalsutra in her neck and told her parents that she is leaving the world ,by leaving behind her husband for them. The serial ran for thirteen episodes and was directed by Muneer Ahamed. The cast included Ganesh, who played of the servant, actor Shanmuga Sundaram, the role of the father and others in supporting roles.