Malayalam Tv Show Tharikida

Tharikida Malayalam Tv shows on Surya tv

We all like pranks. We all enjoy while making a fool of others and then laughing together about it later. Pranks make us laugh; they light up the mood. And it’s fun watching someone being pranked. It is also fun at times when you are the scapegoat. It may surprise, scare, or confuse you initially but later when you come to know the truth; it seems funny. Nowadays, we find many videos on youtubes related to the same concept.

And even have some shows in which people from the show prank on the public and at the end their expressions become the funniest part to look at. Their ideas are amazing and so much fun to watch. But earlier when television was the only source of entertainment, and youtube was not accessible to many people, imagine a show like that telecasted on tvs.

It would make a great show as anyone and everyone like to laugh, and light up their stressed minds. Tharikida was one such show which not only made people laugh but also gave identity to few people in the industry. The show was aired in Surya TV. The medium of the show was Malayalam. The show was based on the concept of playing pranks on people who didn’t have any clue about it.

The show was a hit. And that can be determined by its audience and viewers on a daily basis. Tharikida was highly liked by people. Sabuman Abdusamad hosted the show. He played pranks on the common people who had no clue of his pranks and after finishing it reveals the truth to them. It was a great entertainment program for the participants as well as the viewers. Due to its success, he was then addressed as Tharikida Sabu. He later became the winner of the first season of ‘Bigg Boss Malayalam’.