Malayalam Tv Show Run Baby Run

Run Baby Run Malayalam TV SHOWS on Asianet Plus

Run Baby Run is an entertainment Malayalam show that was aired on Asianet plus. The show was broadcasted in the year 2017 on Sundays at 7:30 pm. The show was also hosted by Rachana Narayan. The format of this show is that the host interacts with the kids by asking some general queries about their families and conduct few games. The contestant kids are of an age group between 4-6 yrs. The parents of the kids will also be alongside them. The show is filled with laughter with the kid’s innocence and mischievous answers. They carry away the viewer’s heart with their cuteness and playfulness. The host asks them about their favorite cartoon character and toys.

At the end of the show, the host would give them their favorite toy and makes them happy. The viewers enjoyed this show mainly because of the participation of kids, and their answers to each question make them astonished. The performance round conducted in this show was adored by the viewers where the kids should showcase their talents and hobbies. The host of this show also entertained the audience with her spontaneous humor sense, and this show gained huge TRP ratings. The Asianet plus channel has earned a renowned name for its leisure shows, entertainment programs, and countless serials. The favorite shows are also available in the Hotstar app.