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Moonumani is a Malayalam mega television serial, which had been telecasting on Flowers TV. This television soap opera is one among the firsts, in the list of serials that came into being, with the launching of new Malayalam television channels, like Flowers TV. The production of this television series had been done under the banner, Sandra Communications. The direction of this television show had been done by Baiju Devaraj Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , who is the also the director of Surya TV’s hit television series Sarayu. This television series is being aired on Flowers TV, from Monday to Friday, at 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Actress Sreelaya is the main lead in this television sitcom. She debuted as a television actress in Mazhavil Manorama’s Bhagyadevatha. After the grand success of Bhagyadevatha, this her second television series. The role of her parents had been played by popular Malayalam television actor T.P. Madhavan and actress Kalaranjini. The other cast of this series includes Meera Krishna Meera Krishna is one of the most familiar faces of >> Read More... , Preetha Pradeep Preetha Pradeep is a Malayalam actress, television >> Read More... , Niranjan Nayar Niranjan Nayar is one of the new young actors in I >> Read More... , Ajay Thomas, and Santhosh Sasidharan Santhosh Sasidharan is a Malayalee television acto >> Read More... . The plot of this show revolves around the members of the Vayaloram Veedu family, which is lead by Sharadamma and Achyutha Kurup. They have three children: a daughter, Moon mani, and two sons, Balan, and Ravi.

Moonumani, their most beloved daughter, is twenty-two years of age but has a mental wit of a five-year-old. Both of her brothers got married; one to Seetha and the other to Matri Kala. Before their marriage, in an unfortunate accident, Moonumani’s father dies. This accident pushes the family to a tremendous time of despair, even more for Moon mani, as her life becomes much more drastic after this accident. Due to family pressure, she is married off to a driver. Here comes a twist, as the driver is an ex-lover of Moonumani’s brother’s wife, Matri Kala.

The story tells us what happens next. The story, and script, have been written by K.V. Anil. The series was shot in V-Tracks Digital Studios. Moonumani’s costume designs were given by Sandras. The title song was the singer, Uthara Unnikrishnan Uthara Unnikrishnan is the daughter of Indian play >> Read More... . The main cast includes: T.P. Madhavan [who played the role of Achyutha Kurup], Kalaranjini as Saradamma, Ajaya Joseph as Balan, Meera Krishna [who played the role of Seetha, Balan’s wife], Niranjan Nayar as Ravi, Preetha Pradeep [who played the role of Mathikala, Ravi’s wife], Santhosh Sasidharan as Manasijan [who is the husband of Moonumani], Alanteena as Indubala, along with Priya Meon, Sethulekshmi, Premi Viswanath Premi Viswanath is a TV actress, a host, a model a >> Read More... , Payyanoor Murali, Lissybabu, and Ranjan.