Malayalam Tv Show Ishq

Ishq Malayalam TV SHOWS on SURYA Music

Ishq was a live music show aired on Surya Music. The show started on 14th February 2020 at 5 pm. It was a one episode live show made for couples celebrating valentine's day. In the show, there were different segments with different things. The first segment of the show was to tell different love stories on the eve of valentine's day, and another segment was to play love songs that are loved by the youth. In the first segment, stories were short and were inspiring. They were love stories related to young couples. If you love a show that is filled with love and care this is the show for you. The show was the best way to spend a nice evening with your loved ones on the eve of valentine.

In the second segment love songs that are loved mostly by youths and newly hit plays. Songs that were featured in the show were inspired by love and emotion.  You can watch it online on the Sun Nxt app.