Malayalam Tv Serial Parasparam

Parasparam Malayalam TV SERIALS on Asianet TV

Parasparam is a remake of the Hindi serial, 'Diya Aur Baati Hum'. The show’s director is Sudheesh Shankar and it was under the production of Ross Petals. Diya Aur Baati Hum has gained so much popularity and because of this, it was dubbed into different Indian languages. Parasparam Mega serial is about the two individuals, Sooraj (played as Vivek Gopalan) and his wife, Deepthi (played by Gayathri Arun).

The show will portray the love between the two main characters and how Sooraj becomes Deepthi’s strength and his support to his wife in fulfilling her dreams. Deepthi is a self-governing and smart girl of her early age, who comes from a conventional family. Her passion is to become an IPS officer through her parents’ support. But her parents died in a bomb blast and her brother works abroad and leaves her with their mortgaged house. He doesn’t have money when he comes back so he decided to arrange Deepthi’s marriage to Sooraj, who owns a bakery.

Sooraj’ mother is Padmavathi who is a persistent and very imposing woman who leads Soorajs family. He is his mother’s favorite and he works hard to support his family. He aims for what is best for Padmavathi and his family members.

Sooraj and Deepthi are completely world’s apart, but the two have come together to fulfill each other’s needs as they were forced to get married. Deepthi was unable to pursue her dreams before her marriage; she could not finish her studies. But Sooraj has done his part as a husband and supports her to finish her education and civil service training.

And in return, Deepthi remains a loving wife. Other characters include Revathi Krishana (old), replaced by 'Ruby Jewel' (new) as Suchithra, Divya Nithin as Sandhya, Niranj Menon as Menon as Subhash, Sreenath Swaminathan as Suresh, Sneha as Meenakshi, 'Vijay Viswantha' as Gopan and a lot more.Divya Nithin as Sandhya, Niranj Menon as Menon as Subhash, Sreenath Swaminathan as Suresh, 'Sneha Divakaran' as Meenakshi, Vijay Viswantha as Gopan and a lot more.