Malayalam Tv Serial Manassu Parayunna Karyangal

Other names of : Manasu Parayunna karyangal
Manasu Parayuna Karyangal Malayalam Tv serials on Mazhavil manorama tv

Manasu Parayunna Karyangal is a Malayalam drama television show that falls under the genre of slice-of-life drama. Slice-of-life drama is a very popular genre in television and movies in which the stories are about normal people and their day-to-day life and struggles. These shows have a lighter tone and don’t go overboard with emotional manipulation as it happens with many other television genres like melodrama or romantic, etc.

Manasu Parayunna Karyangal tells the story of a middle-class family as they go about living their life and try to make ends meet. The family faces a lot of struggles but always emerge as winners, which gave the show a very optimistic nature and since optimism sells, the show became successful. The show also had a stellar cast that included many talented names from the Malayalam television industry such as S.P.Sreekumar, who is one of Kerala’s topmost television and film actor. He made a debut on Malayalam television with Chirikidathom on Amrita TV and with this, he became a household name. Along with him in the cast of Manasu Parayunna Karyangal are Sajitha Betti, Subbalakshmi, Manju Pillai, and many other very talented actors who made the show extremely entertaining. The show streamed on the popular Malayalam channel Mazhavil Manorama TV.