Malayalam Tv Serial Malayalee House

Malayalee House Malayalam Tv serials on Surya tv



Malayalee House is reality TV show which aired on Surya TV. It got inspired by the Big Brother concept and is a Malayalam version of the same. The show first aired on 5th May 2013 and continued until 30th August 2013. The show had Revathi in the role of a host. The show got modeled in the format of the original Dutch show called Big Brother which was originally designed and conceptualized by John de Mol. The contestants on the program are to live inside a custom made house.

They stay there without any kind of contact with the outside world except via the host of the show. Every week, the residents get to vote one of the others staying in the house. Whoever gets the most number of votes gets eliminated and has to exit the residence. The contestants chosen for the show are all celebrities from various fields. The rooms inside the house are all locked up when the show begins. The rooms get opens only after one of the contestants get eliminated. The room which gets opened is of the remaining players’ choosing by voting for the same.

The show has sixteen participants to start off. They are then eliminated week by week. The show lacks a set of steady rules for the players and they have to live with each other as per the directions shared by the host of the show. Many a times, the atmosphere turns to one of anarchy as one or more people try to gain the upper hand on the other contestants and run things as per their wishes. The elimination each week occurs as per the likeability of the players in the house.

The host has the power to intervene in this and give directions to the participants as to whom they can vote out. This many a time depends on the show’s ratings and how the viewers are responding to the activities in the house. All the contestants are at some point of time or the other forced into pulling each other’s leg to survive in the show. The participants get forbidden from leaving the premises of the house while they are participating in the show. This gets relaxed only under extraordinary circumstances like health issues . Many a times, one of the residents might be fake as well and it is there purely to make the show more interesting. The show was eventually won by Rahul Easwar. Sindhu Joy came up as the first runner-up while Thinkal Bhal came in as the second runner-up.