Malayalam Tv Serial Jeevitha Nouka

Jeevitha Nouka Malayalam TV SERIALS on Mazhavil Manorama TV

Jeevitha Nouka is a Malayalam TV serial that airs on the channel Mazhavil Manorama from Monday to Saturday at 7 pm. It was directed by G.R Krishna and written by K.C George Kattappana. The story of Jeevitha Nouka revolves around two brothers Jayakrishnan, played by Sajan Surya, and Harikrishnan, played by Win Sagar. The other cast includes Anjana, as Sumithra; Jishin Mohan as Sudhi; Maneesha Jaysingh, as Meghna; Anjula, as Priyanka. Jayakrishnan, his wife Sumithra, and brother Harikrishnan live together. Jayakrishnan initially refuses to let Harikrishnan marry the woman he loves, but later agrees to it.

A woman from the past, Meghna, enters into his life after 7 years. She tries to break the marriage, as a part of enacting her revenge against Jayakrishnan. Suddenly, Meghna leaves, leaving everyone wondering why she did it. A woman named Soudhamini, from the same village agrees to help Meghna. Jayakrishnan and Prabhakar, have been having disputes for many years. After getting his approval, Sumatra adopts Priyanka, his daughter.

Meghna creates money problems for the brothers and manipulates Hari to agree to marry her. On the day of their engagement ceremony, a man named Nadeshan pretends to have a heart attack and successfully postpones the ceremony. However, after turning the situation according to her, Meghna succeeds in getting engaged to Hari. It is revealed that Meghna and Jayakrishnan shared a bad past. Meghna causes financial problems for Hari and lists out certain demands in order to release Hari. Meghna then plots to kill Priyanka as she tries to help repair the brothers’ bond, which Meghna slowly tried to damage.