Kannada Tv Show Simpallagondu Singing Show

Simpallagondu Singing Show Kannada TV SHOWS on ZEE KANNADA

Simpallagondu Singing Show is a Kannada musical game reality show. It is of entertainment genre and aired on Zee Kannada. Successfully completing 30 episodes, it is telecast on Saturdays and Sundays for a runtime of one hour and is powered by Frooti. This show ended on 12 July 2015. Hosted by Arun Sagar who is talented and has a good sense of humor, this show flaunts a tagline, “ Where words fail, Music speaks.” The main motto of the show is to revive the lost treasure of music.

About the show’s tagline, music is an integral part of an individuals life. Music helps to de-stress and soothes the mind. Based on an idea which is one of its kind, this show has a remarkable concept and a rich content. They are the reasons behind its popularity. The show follows a format that is pre-decided. Each episode begins with the host introducing the show and then the participants. Two groups can take part in the show. Each team consists of two members. They are supposed to be connected to music in one form or other and can be a couple, two girls, boys or friends. Each one is well prepared for the challenges placed in front of them.

The first round is the “Gana Bajao” level. In this, you are supposed to guess the Kannada song that a foreign girl sings. She listens to the song and hymns the tune. She uses sounds close to the original words. The team is supposed to discuss and come to a conclusion and then hit the buzzer if they know the answer. If they guess right, you can earn a cash of two thousand five hundred for every correct answer. Later, games like estimating the missing lyrics and identifying the song by interpreting the images, are played on the sets of the show. The obstacle round is the most hilarious when the contestant has to sing a song and also keep the balance when big balls hits him/her.

The show has a huge target audience and is fun filled. People love the show for its light humor and the continuous entertainment. All the four rounds keep the participants on the edge of their seat as the tension builds slowly. The excitement and lots of singing is a superb de-stress for the weekends.