Kannada Tv Serial Parvati Parameshwara

Parvati Parameshwara Kannada Tv serials on Zee kannada

Parvati Parameshwara is a hilarious comedy serial which is being telecasting on Zee Kannada from Monday to Friday at 10:30pm. It has successfully completed 1425 episodes as on 26th September’2014. Parvati Parameshwara serial came like a refreshing change. It is the story of the pair Parvati and Parameshwara. This serial is based on the Parvati’s comic escapades. Her activities always land her husband into all kinds of trouble. Parameshwara’s all efforts to manage his wife fail and he falls into further troubles. Parvati is a fun loving, jolly and yet modern woman.

Parameshwara is a harassed husband and always stays tensed, hassled and worried. A woman’s sense of humor is appreciated, highlighted and recognized in this serial. This serial is designed with a new and fresh story each day, which is meant to entertain people of all the age groups. Parvati Parameshwara is a refined and decent comedy serial which encompasses humor, dialogue oriented slapstick and situational comedy all in the correct proportions. It is designed without traces of vulgarity and obscenity. Thus it is suitable to be watched and enjoyed by the whole family.  Comic punches, hilarious funny situations make this Parvati Parameshwara serial a delight for eyes to watch.