Kannada Tv Serial Naaku Thanthi

Naaku Thanthi Kannada Tv serials on Udaya tv

Naaku Thanthi is a drama show which came on Udaya TV. The program is a Kannada language one which came on every weekday between Monday and Friday. It features the story of a lady and the challenges which come across her and her family. We see her tackle various obstacles while trying to keep her family united. This is the story of her life and the struggles which got involved therein. The series garnered a lot of appreciation from all corners. Viewers, as well as critics, loved the series, and this resulted in high ratings for a large part of its stint. The program got directed by the acclaimed director B. Suresh. He has taken up many other popular creations in the Kannada television circuit and is among one of the best names in the field. The series has been especially popular amidst women who seem to have connected well with the story.

The narrative follows the story of the protagonist called Mahamate and the different difficulties she must face and overcome. Along with her is Ranganath, who tries to attain stability within the household while also looking after their family business. So high is the popularity of the program that it also won the award for Best Serial. The story of this series has gotten penned by the acclaimed Rajesh. He came from a history of acting and was even part of a theater group called Nataranga during his college days. This troupe had actors C.R. Simha, Srinath, and Lokesh, who all went on to become superstars in the Kannada cinema industry.

Rajesh has also acted in popular series on television which have been running successfully for quite some time. These include titles like Muktha, Guptagamini, and Baduku. He started his foray into the world of television by working as one of the producers with Udaya TV for over three years. His acting career kicked off with a series titled Maya Mriga with which he made his debut. Soon after that he also got offered a part on Shakthi. This stint kicked off his career, and he featured in varying roles across numerous serials. He also got several offers for acting in films. He accepted a few but did not enjoy the level of success he got in soap operas. Some of the more noted films which featured him include Nagarahavu, Matadaana, Thayi Illada Tabbali, and Mane Magalu, among others. He continues to fulfill roles on daily series but hasn’t bid a career in films goodbye either and remains on the lookout for challenging roles.