Kannada Tv Serial Manvantara

Manvantara Kannada Tv serials on Etv kannada
Manvantara is a serial that was telecasted on ETV Kannada from Monday to Friday at 10pm. 
Manvantara serial is directed by the famous Kannada film and television serial director T.N. Seetharam. He has written the screenplay of this serial. The story of Manvantara is written by T.N. Seetharam, B.V.Geetha and Bhoomika Katha Vibhaga and the dialogues are written by T.N.S., B.V. Geetha and Raghu Samath.  This is produced by M.N.Jayant and Subramanyam. C.Aswath has given the music of this serial and Aswath and Sangeetha Shetty have sung the title song. The editing of this serial is done by R.N.Dildar and R.Prabakar has worked as cameraman of this serial.
Manvantara is a most popular Kannada serial. Like T.N.Seetharam’s other serials, Manvantara too deals with politics, bureaucracy, current affairs, exploitation of women, and introduction of law to people and of course middle-class families. In this serial politics are handled commendably by T.N.Seetharam. Manvantara has a populist plot, a realistic description of situations interrupted with moral and spiritual dimensions and ideological characterization. The director has balanced human drama and social lineament equally. He has represented the chief minister’s role in a true-to-life way. The role of chief minister- the protagonist of this serial is played by the real life politician, S.Ramesh Kumar. 
T.N.Seetharam deserves applause for his confidence in selecting the theme of Manvatara.