Kannada Tv Serial Mane Aduge

Mane Aduge Kannada Tv serials on Suvarna tv

Mane Aduge is a cookery based reality TV show which got aired on the channel Suvarna TV. The series is a Kannada language one which got broadcasted on every weekday from Monday to Friday in the time slot of 1:00 PM to 1:30 PM. The show focuses exclusively on vegetarian cuisines as compared to other shows which present all kinds of preparations. This feature makes the show more exclusive and caters to a very specific section of the audience. The beauty of the program lies in its easy to make recipes which can get used and adapted with ease by people cooking at homes. It is mostly bereft of fancy items or ingredients which people wouldn’t have heard of or would face difficulty in recognizing. The series gains its appeal through making itself dedicated for the vegetarian audience members.

A large variety of food items got covered over the course of the show. All this by only using regular household utensils and ingredients. Most of the items getting showcased on this cookery show include traditional, as well as region-specific items. Each of the episodes also shares some health tips for the viewers. These contain general information as well as season specific anecdotes so as to maximize the body’s resistance to diseases. The crew of the series also travel across different places including a variety of restaurants to get inputs from some of the most renowned chefs to get their inputs on some of the finest cuisines and how one goes about cooking them. The show got presented by splitting it up into various categories to look at different kinds of food preparations.

The talented and much sought after chef, Savitha Krishnamurthy has shared some of her unique recipes along with her secrets from the kitchen which she has learned over the course of her career throughout the country. The food presented in this series are among some of the most famous variants of a lot of regular dishes that we are familiar with today. They prove to be quite tasty with the method adopted for its preparation showcasing some very modern techniques but with a traditional twist. The spices as well as the ingredients represent this and are reflective of a simpler time when food used to get prepared without too many complications. The dishes are not at all difficult to get ready and can get adapted with ease. It garnered immense popularity within a short time span and quickly emerged as a favorite amidst viewers.