Kannada Tv Serial Divya Darshana

Divya Darshana Kannada Tv serials on Dd chandana

Divya Darshana is a devotional reality show which airs on the DD Chandana channel. It got broadcasted every Sunday at 5:30 AM. It takes the audiences on an interesting journey across various pilgrimages as well as religious places across different sections of India. It brings to us the pious as well as the divine wonders which get contained within them. The show provides a detailed peek at the numerous temples we can find. It hands us knowledge about which Gods and Goddesses got enshrined in those temples.

It also brings to us what nature of rituals get carried out within that temple. The show thus becomes an informative guide for the audiences should they wish to plan any journey to the place. The series is full of information about the most suitable times to go visit, the biggest events found within the area as well as what to expect there. The show covers the entire journey from various parts of India touching the major sacred spots which one wishes to go to at various points in time.

The show thus becomes a travel guide should we wish to plan a trip to some of these places. It covers all of them including the most popular destinations as well as the not so famous destinations which one could overlook. The series forms a true devotional travelogue that takes all its audience members to different places that we could have heard of however have little knowledge of. This serves as a guide for the people who look forward to having some amount of spiritual gain.

The show performs a great job of making all the episodes entertaining all the while maintaining the gravity necessary for this topic. They share various stories as well as legends which get associated with a place. This can include the origin story of the temples as well as how they came to existence. The show also tells us about whichever deity the temple got dedicated to along with what legends lie behind the place.

They also include numerous myths as well as beliefs which local residents have about these places. All the anecdotes make the entire thing an enchanting narrative which keeps the viewers engrossed. The legend and folklore around some temples form an interesting watch. This show hence entertains even the occasional viewer. Those people who might not have as high a devotional nature but are casual viewers can also enjoy this series. The audiences will certainly find the program a very informative one.