Kannada Tv Serial Crime file

Crime file Kannada Tv serials on Zee kannada

Crime File is a reality show which came on the channel Zee Kannada. The show is a Kannada language one which came on every weekend from Saturday to Sunday in the time slot between 10:00 PM and 11:00 PM. It features stories about different kinds of crime which are occurring all over the state of Karnataka. It gives us lessons on the merits of being careful and the virtue of being watchful at all points of time. These crimes carry the sordid tale of how many lives could have been possibly saved. Most of the time it becomes a question of being watchful and vigilant than anything else since danger could be lurking very close to us without us being aware at all. The show puts the different crimes which get committed around the state underneath a spotlight.

It also supports the idea that no one is born as a criminal and most often are functions of their surroundings. But this also makes them indistinguishable from the best of us. No one goes around wearing a nameplate saying that they are a criminal. Hence, the role of vigilance becomes all the more important. In a lot of the cases which got telecast, we find that the culprit got known to the person who becomes the victim. Hence, danger could come from those who are the closest to us. The show was an immediate hit amidst the viewers and garnered top ratings.

Each of the episodes telecast shows a different kind of crime with a variety of motives behind them. All cases covered are old cases whose investigations have either gotten completed or have gotten stalled owing to lack of evidence and progress. This makes it very different from the other shows which show fictional crime since these stories emanate from real life. These are all actual incidents fellow citizens have gone through and could very well be us instead of them. The episodes conclude by highlighting the motive behind each of these crimes which provide a conclusion to the case.

The chief aim of the show remains to educate and warn. It is an eye-opener into the world of police investigations and how they must tackle different complexities in order to solve the case at hand. All episodes present a dramatized version of the actual crime story. It highlights the lesser known facts which might have got kept out of the public domain till that date. It also highlights the sequential approach adopted by the police officers to solve their case on the basis of the clues uncovered.