Kannada Tv Serial Agnisakshi

 Agnisakshi Kannada Tv serials on Star one

Agnisakshi is being telecast on E TV at 8 pm from Monday to Friday. 'Sannidhi' and 'Siddarth' are two young people who are not very fond of each other. Fate plays a vital role in their life and leads them to marry each other. Both know that the marriage is only a farce. The marriage seems to be over before it started. Here again, fate plays its role and they fall in love with each other. They love each other so much that both keep the prestige and honour of the institution of marriage.

They understand that, according to our traditional values, once married with lord Agni as the witness, it is not possible to separate so easily. Siddharth is the second son of his family. He lives with his father, elder brother, sister in law – Chandrika, younger brother – Akhil and younger sister – Anjali. As Chandrika is the only female member of this family, she is literally in charge of the family. She has taken care of this family for such a long time that now she is scared that if some other girl comes into the family then her standard and power may decrease. But she knows that it is necessary to get Siddharth married according to the wishes of other family members. So she starts to search for a girl who is mild enough to remain under her power.

Chandrika succeeds in searching such a girl for Siddharth. She arranges for the marriage and at last Sannidhi and Siddharth get married, in spite of Siddharth’s opposition. Sannidhi is a very down to earth girl, who has full faith in traditions and believes that marriages date's made in heaven. In spite of having doubts about Siddharth she marries him and promises herself to become a good wife. That is what she does. She takes care of everybody as expected. But on the first day itself, she faces disappointment, when she comes to know that Siddharth is not interested in her. Inspite of being in the same room, they sleep separately. They behave like a happy couple in front of other members of the family but internally they know that there is no strong relationship.

Eventually, Siddharth starts getting attracted towards Sannidhi. Anjali sees Siddharth with a girl. Being a smart girl she makes out that there is a problem in her brother’s married life. She notices that they sleep separately and warns her brother that she will be informing the family about this false relationship if he doesn’t break his relationship with the other girl, Namratha. Siddharth is shocked to know that his younger sister has such a deep understanding of relationships and is scared for the sake of his father’s health. The story interestingly revolves around values and customs and human relationships and how we tackle them.