Hindi Tv Show View Asia


View Asia was Sony Entertainment Television’s reality show based entirely in United Kingdom. The idea of the show’s success can be very well estimated from the fact that it had a run of total nine years! The

Figure 1 Nishil Saujani Figure 2 Omar Khan

TV show premiered on SET on the 20th day of July in the year 2002. It was a weekly show and aired every Saturday at 9.00p.m each episode being of 24 minutes. The main genre of the show was news and music. The theme of the show was to cover live events and news concerned with South Asian people all over the globe especially Indians. In the beginning years of the show, the hosts were Omar Khan and Payal Patel who kept the viewers engrossed for the initial three years, i.e. till 2005. In the year 2005, Nishil Saujani took over as the host of the show and remained so till the very end of the TV show. Nishil, who had been earlier the host of other very popular shows like Boogie Woogie UK and Zone and also many international award functions became instant favorite with the viewers with his unique style of presentation and crisp and quirk sense of humor. In each episode of the show, the host would go to cover some live event in any part of the UK which included South Asians like a play or games or a dance or singing show. Apart from covering live events, news concerned with South Asian people were also show on it. In those times, due to lack of social media, this show became a huge hit among Indians. Indian people residing over there were also asked to give their messages to Indians. The show was directed by Bina Mistry who had also worked on Bend it Like Beckham and the cinematography was done by Andy Williamson. The editing of the show was done by Panos Raptis and Konstantinos Topalis.