Hindi Tv Show Sahib Biwi Aur Boss

Sahib Biwi Aur Boss Hindi TV SHOWS on SAB TV

Sahib Biwi Aur Boss is a Hindi TV serial, which used to telecasted on SAB TV. This comedy show is being produced by Benaifer Kohli and his brother Sanjay Kohli, who are the owners of Edit II Productions. It used to be on air five days a week and had a runtime of twenty minutes. Mugdha Chaphekar ( Anisha Kumar) plays the female lead while Vipul Roy (Sunny Kumar) is her male counterpart. The plot of this show is the way in which the female protagonist juggles her married and work life while trying to maintain her distinct identity. She might even lie in to secure a job, which makes it all the whole lot funnier.

The whole show focuses on the lives of Anisha Kumar and Vipul Roy. Sunny like every other person wants to be a famous actor and achieve world fame but, his dreams of becoming one are not turning into reality. To take of the money problems, Anisha decides to do all the work herself and then she meets Mandodari (Resham Tipnis), who was looking for her nephew. When Mandodari asks her whether she is unmarried, Anisha replies yes. Sunny becomes angry, but as Vinod (Mandodari's nephew) is rich, Anisha manages to convince him to be part of this plan.

One day in the market, Vinod sees Sunny and Anisha together. He later confronts her with the question “Who was the person in the market?” Fearing her secret would be out, and she would be in trouble, she replies that it was her twin sister Manisha who was seen walking around with Sunny. This, however, does leave doubt in his mind. Vinod is a faint-hearted person and can be seen losing consciousness for even the tiniest of reasons. Hence, the whole plot is a game of cat and mouse where Vinod is trying to find out the truth with Anisha and Sunny trying their best to hide it from him.

An interesting plot begins to develop when Anisha's boss moves into the neighbourhood. He does all in his power to lure her towards him. As if Sunny already didn't have enough problems, he now has to keep Anisha away from the clutches of her boss. Sahib Biwi Aur Boss is another one those shows which you can sit and enjoy with your family. The show first aired on 21 December 2015.