Hindi Tv Show Pleasant Goat And Big Big Wolf

Pleasant Goat And Big Big Wolf Hindi tv-shows on Hungama

This show is an animated series in the Chinese language. It was aired on Pogo Channel. In India, some scenes of this program had previously telecasted on Hungama TV titled as Kya Bakra Hai. It is one of the most popular series in many other countries. The series was seen by many viewers across the globe.

The animated series had shown how a group of goat knew to live happily in a green land. But as children would love to see some an antagonist character, the story found a villain and it was a fat wolf! The wolf was behind the innocent goats to make his prey. As the goats needed grass to eat and live happily, the wolf bothered them and made the goats scary!

A Chinese animation company was behind crafting the show. In 2005, this show was launched by Creative Power Entertaining. It is told that the TV animated series had more than 1000 episodes.