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Mirmo Hindi tv-shows on Pogo

Mirmo is an animated TV series. The animated TV series Mirmo derive its origin from the country Japan. The Hindi TV channel for animation series Pogo telecasted the dubbed version of this cartoon series Mirma. Hiromu Shinozuka has originally written the TV series. Kenichi Kasai has directed Mirmo TV series. The series first hit the screens on 6th April 2002. The main characters of the animated TV series are the love fairies or mugloxes and four teenage human girls. The plot of the show revolves around the fairy whose name is Mirmo after whom the name of the show has been kept. One fine day Katie Minami, who is a lovely, cheerful, energetic and, a shy teenager of eighth grade was coming back from her school.

On her way to the home she enters into a mysterious shop where she ends up buying a blue colored cocoa mug. After she had reached the home, she found a note at the bottom of that blue mug where few words were written. She did exactly what was written in that note. She read the words written in the note aloud, and exact thing happened. A love fairy or muglox appeared. Mirmo comes and, asks her for her wish, and Katie wishes to date her crush Setsu Yuuki. Mirmo is actually a prince of the world of Muglox. He has a past of his own. The Muglox Mirmo has come to complete his task of fulfilling and, granting the wishes of Katie Minami. Mirmo loves chocolates and spends most of his time eating that. He also runs away from a female Muglox who fulfills the wishes of Azumi Hidaka.

Kyle Matsutake is a guy who falls in love with katie and his love fairy is Yatch. Yatch is Mirmo’s brother. Koichi Sumita who is another character in the series has Papii as muglox partner and, Harukha Morishita has Panta. The power of the Muglox fairies is in their musical instruments, which they use as their tools. Mirmo has come up with his shows like Fairy Mirmo has arrived, Love from Rima, Meet Ninja Yatch, Katie’s magical diet, Was love taken away, Mirmo Vs Murumo, Father comes and, return immediately, Gift from a Gaia Tribe and, much more. Pogo TV telecasted the dubbed version of Mirmo cartoon TV series for the kids of India. It is a hit and much followed TV series. The kids found a relatable character in Mirmo.