Hindi Tv Show Mad

Mad Hindi tv-shows on Pogo

MAD is a new and interactive craft show screened by India’s preferred kid’s channel POGO which takes the young viewers on a creative journey. The show focuses on bringing the fun and art in everyone’s life especially for the children. The artist and host Rob whose real name is Harun Robert host the show and teach different arts and crafts things to the students. Rob always give his fans easily stimulated works with a MAD twist. Rob is one of the most entertaining and loved anchors for kids. The fans get more motivated with his work and love his art and craft shows.

Rob has also launched his YouTube channel where he makes access to his work easier for his fans as it is one of the convenient ways to interact with the fans. With the help of simple art tools like pencil, paint brush, colours and papers, Rob makes the work like a joyride and to explore more in the field of art. His work includes new and creative painting techniques, fun and exciting paper crafts. As well as playing with shadows, recycling boxes and bottles. Rob makes the makes the work look more attractive, convenient and fun for his fans.

MAD makes the experience of his fans even bigger and better, Rob always been a great source to the people to learn interactive tricks, those tricks made them take an interest in new learning and being crazy about thinking differently. The show MAD brings a new concept of learning different techniques to the children which help them to develop their skills in the art which gives them new hope to rise in future and to learn something new. Kids can also enter Rob’s world of Mad Art and Crafts online.

The launch of MAD gives the opportunity to provide its fans with content that is innovative, interactive and entertaining. MAD also teaches the secrets behind the most exclusive and enthralling craft tricks which are coveted by kids and adults alike. All this and more as India’s most popular kid’s host encourages creativity to become the ultimate destination for kids. Rob provides most magnificent, most gigantic BIG picture. It likes an adventure ride for kids, as the Rob says “MAD hai, toh sab cool hai”.