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K for Kids is an Indian show of genre cookery hosted by Master Chef India (season 2) runner-up Chef Shazia Khan, telecasted on Channel FOODFOOD channel every Sunday at 1 pm, owned by KHANA KHAZANA fame celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

This show is a unique show which takes you on the journey of cooking with kids where kids not only eat and enjoy the food prepared by talented Chef Shazia Khan but also get a chance to enjoy the learning process of cooking.

Food recipes shown in this show are not only easy to make but also healthy, delicious and extremely appealing to children’s appetite. The format of the show not only let kids enjoy the food but also they learn to appreciate the efforts that their moms put in while cooking.

This makes the show only one of its kind. Some of the mouth-watering recipes shown in the show are veggie fries, caramel banana roll, green parcels, tangy paneer stick, suji halwa roll, badam chocolate roll, pineapple jam roll, lauki ladoo, chatpata potato roll, rajma kebab, etc.

As the name suggests, foods are prepared to keep kids in mind, hence the target audiences mostly are mothers who have to struggle every day for preparing a whole nutrition food for their children. Keeping this in mind the show has been slotted on every Sunday at 1 pm when a mother can watch the show with their kids.

It is first Indian cookery show where kids are also allowed to get involved and take part in the process of cooking, as host of the show believes that while teaching to kids she also gets a chance to learn from them. Hosted by Chef Shazia Khan Shazia Khan is an Indian celebrity chef who rose to fame with Indian Master Chef, season 2, where she became runner-up of the show. Before the show, she was a homemaker who had no formal training in cooking.

But her passion for cooking brought her to Master Chef India and made her a household name and one of the demanded chefs of the country. She is from Bangalore and runs many educational institutes there, besides being a member of the board of management, at Delhi Public School Bangalore, North.

She believes a stress buster for her and a very spiritual experience and wants to take her journey to amazing future works, like opening a culinary school for underprivileged women, writing a cookbook, travel cum cookery show.