Hindi Tv Show Jayostute

Jayostute Hindi tv-shows on STAR PRAVAH

Jayostute is a crime based fiction show in Marathi that is aired on the channel, Star Pravah which is the Marathi language of Star Plus. The show, Jayostute was first launched in 2014. The first episode was premiered on 25th August. The show had a total of 119 episodes. The show was aired thrice a week, from Monday to Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. The show ran for around 9 months and came to an end in 2015. The last episode was aired on 27th May 2015. Jayostute was a crime thriller that dealt with different kinds of crime cases. The plot of the show revolved around Pragati Rajwade. Pragati is a confident, young and intelligent lawyer who fights against various crimes for the common man. Pragati is fearless and does not believe that her profession is only about the money.

She believes in being able to give justice to the common people who may not be able to afford the service but are traumatized by the crimes in the country and are in need of the law system of the country to support them. She represents the common people and takes up interesting and challenging cases and gives them the right direction. Pragati deals with various troubles and complications of her own personal life. The show deals with her personal life in a later stage of the show. Yet she gives more importance to the needs of the common people. The show gives ygruesome picture of the world of crime. Some of the possible crimes that the show depicts are almost unimaginable to sane human brains.

Some of these crimes are also very common crimes which happen in day to day lives and yet are ignored with no regrets. Cases like medical negligence, child abuse, child crime, businesses cheating clients, abduction, women house-arrest, mass-killing, custody of children, mistreating parents, oppressive father, business rivalry, molestation, frauds, and many other cases are shown in the show. The show talks about fighting crime and injustice without fear. The strong and influential character of Pragati is played by the very talented television actress, Priya Marathe. Actor Angad Mhaskar enters later on as Captain Ajinkya Sarnaik and a possible love interest of Pragati.