Hindi Tv Show Its Controversial

The name itself is intriguing, so, who would not want to watch such a programme. “IT’S CONTROVERSIAL” is show that is telecasted on a channel called E-24. It has captured a fair share of audience and does all the efforts to maintain the targeted viewers. The show basically reveals all the gossips of the Hindi Film Industry, Bollywood. It gives all the “insider information” about the Bollywood celebrities. Everyone is interested to know who is dating whom in the industry, who got into a fight with whom, who organised the best party in the town and who attendant it, who got into twitter-war with whom, etc.

In short, the show serves all you want to know about the actors, directors, musicians and choreographers in the industry in a short interval of half an hour on a daily basis. The show even has a separate segment for the all the TV serials where, they reveal the gossips about the happenings in the bollywood industry.

The show even gives a detailed summary of all the on-going reality shows on your television sets. In the last segment of the programme, the makers give a list of the upcoming movies and the actors who have signed to work in the movies. The concept of the show is so unique and has captured the hearts of the Bollywood crazy audience.

It delivers all the information that a fan would require to know his Hero. It helps the audience to know their stars on a personal level and helps them to connect with them in a better way. In recent days, Kapil Sharma got into a fight with Sunil Grover, one of his accomplice on ‘THE KAPIL SHARMA SHOW’.

The entire case was very efficiently covered by the programme and delivered to the audience on a regular basis. E-24 is a relatively new music channel that shows music videos. Along with these videos, it came up with this innovative show that brings forward all the controversies in Bollywood. The information presented in the show has always been proven to be hundred percent accurate.

In all, at the end, the audience loves the show very much and has gained a lot of popularity not only among the youth, but also the adults who are the die-hard fans of the industry. The show has proved to be a boon to the channel as it has actually brought the channel to people’s recognition.