Hindi Tv Serial Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka

Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Hindi TV SERIALS on STAR PLUS

Whenever we see some wand and magic, it reminds us of Harry Potter. Harry Potter is such a series where everyone crazy about it and remains close to our hearts. With such a magical concept, Star Plus has brought a show named Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka. It has gathered the attention of the audience very quickly.

The story begins Aman Junaid Khan, who belongs to a Nawab family and is held by Jinn. His mother, Parveen, is not well and is affected by Jinn's magic. To save her, he needs to marry a girl, who has the heart of an angel. On the other side, Roshni Ahmad is a girl with a heart of an angel. Salma is Roshni's adopted mother. One day, Salma acts like she is ill and forces Roshni to marry Aman for money. Aman thinks that Roshni is marrying him for his money and tries to paycheck for her to avoid marrying her. However, under the circumstance, they both get married. Roshni began to feel connected with Aman but was unhappy with his rude behavior.

Kabir is the Jinn, and the brother of Aman, who attempts to kill Aman. Roshni gets killed in the process of saving Aman. He then realizes his love for her and is left with a broken heart.  Later it is shown that Roshni comes alive through Kabir's magic and tries to control her to separate her from Aman. Aman saves her. Meanwhile, Parveen kills Kabir, to become Queen of Jinns and aims to kill Aman next, but it fails.

Aliya, who is the wife of Kabir returns, with their baby and tries to separate Anam and Roshni. Soon it is revealed that she is a Haiwaan, and Roshni attempts to bring the truth which fails. Aliya attempts to destroy Parveen, but she slips into a comma. Aman gets blames that it is Roshni's fault and throws out of the house. The Tv drama takes a one year leap, where we can see Roshni running a bakery by taking a loan and Aman as alcoholic and flirtatious to deal with his loneliness. Aman destroys Roshni's bakery after the news of Parveen's kidney failure as he thinks it was her fault.

Later, Aman offers to be his secretary for her to pay for the loan, and she accepts it due to Salma's health condition. Eventually, they reconcile again and, Roshni donates her kidney to Parveen. Kabir regains his power. The interesting part of the show by the entry of Laila, the red moon princess, when she curses her that she would die before the next full moon. The program continues how Roshni gets saved.

Vikram Singh Chauhan and Aditi Sharma play as the lead actors along with Arhaan, Surbhi, Smita, and many others. The episodes are available on Hotstar.