Hindi Tv Serial Yeh Jawani Ta Ra Ri Ri

Yeh Jawani Ta Ra Ri Ri Hindi Tv serials on Channel v
Ye jawani is a drama genre TV serial dealing with the problems of youth today is being aired on V channel fro April 2014. V channel is very popular with younger generation specially the adolescent, whose problems are tackled through serial of this channel. This serial also deals with three brothers Sid, Cheeku and Dodo Khosla who face the usual problems of adolescence and try to attract attention of the girls or women of all ages by any means. The serial depicts how an urban boy typically thinks and behaves in his life. How the relationship with the opposite sex is built up and maintained and efforts made to create all such relation ships. These three boys make all types of efforts to feel the girls like using bike breaks when the girls are sitting at the back seat

which is essentially adolescent. Like all other young guys, they also devour the girls with their eyes and try to touch the hands of the girls at the slightest pretext. Cheeku is the middle one, Sid is older and Dodo is younger. Both the elder and the younger brother make fun of Cheeku and make him do the things for them. The serial very efficiently depicts Cheeku's reaction when a smart and modern girl tries to come near him and what is the attitude of young boys towards the opposite sex. The serial is very popular among the youth.

The serial is being telecast on V channel from 30 ht April 2014 and it is still continuing with a number of episodes.