Hindi Tv Serial Vicky Ki Taxi

Vicky Ki Taxi Hindi Tv serials on Real tv

The Entertainment Industry is a vital aspect of our life. Our day starts with the TV and, ends with it. In the long queue of the serial, there are the certain scripts which make us remember that serial. Vicky Ki Taxi is one of those TV serials which, viewers remember in their life. It was broadcasted on the Real TV. It is an Urdu language channel. Real TV was started for the purpose of the Urdu audience. On the television sets, there is number of Hindi channels, as compared to that of Urdu language channels.

Vicky Ki Taxi was an Urdu TV serial. It has a good story plot. The theme of the serial was loved by all kinds of people. In this script, you will find four important characters named as Vicky, Pinto, Shetty, and, Vicky’s friend. Our life is an amalgamation of joy and, sorrow. Vicky, is a taxi driver living his life happily, on the other hand, it has many troubles in his life. He earns by driving the taxi. He kept the name of his taxi as Jaaneman. In his journey, there are some key people in his life. Pinto is a garage owner. Vicky used to come here with his Janneman in his garage. Kurush Deboo is playing the role of the garage owner. You will also find Vicky’s friend. Both of them are good friends since childhood. Deepak Advani played the role of Vicky’s friend.

There is an Hotelier named as Shetty. The role of the Hotelier is played by Mushtaq Khan. The story revolves around his character. You will find Pawan Shankar in the role of Vicky. The running time of the serial was around forty-four minutes on the screen. Vicky Ki Taxi lasted for a very short span on the screen. It was started on 6 March 2009 and, ended on 19 June 2009. It is the speciality of the Urdu serial that it won’t take too much time to show a story to the audience like the Hindi TV serials. The narration of Vicky Ki Taxi is done by Vipul K Rawal. He is renowned for his writing the scripts. He had also written the script of a movie Iqbal. So, if you want to see Vicky Ki Taxi again then, you need to switch to the online access. As the Real TV shut down, due to some reasons but, it has given many good shows to the audience.