Hindi Tv Serial Vasl

Vasl Hindi TV SERIALS on Zindagi TV

Vasl belonged to drama genre. It was originally a Pakistani serial which broadcasted on Hum TV, starting from 2 March 2010. Later, it was aired on Zindagi TV in India. It had 18 episodes. The show was directed by Mehreen Jabbar, and Samira Fazal was the writer. The show was produced by Momina Duraid. The cast of the show included Tooba Siddiqui aka Kamla, Faisal Rehman aka Salman, Adnan Siddiqui aka Hashim, Ahsan Khan aka Adeel, JugganKazim aka Marina, Ayesha Khan aka Henna, and Imran Abbas Naqvi aka Nabeel.

The other cast included Zarmala Gilani, Shehryar Zaidi, Ayesha Khan (senior), Eshita Mehboob, Badar Khalil, Salma Azfar, and Shahood Alvi. Vasl literally means union, and it shows an emotional journey of a middle-class girl to get reunited with her children. The story is of Henna who lives in the US after marriage. Henna and her husband, Hashim, are a happily married couple who live in U.S.A with their two children, Naeel and Soni. Henna is a very caring mother and a perfect wife, but she misses her family a lot who lives in Pakistan. In her eight years of marriage, Henna loved her husband to death and tried her best to get adapted to his westernized and sophisticated lifestyle.

She is very happy when one day Hashim gives her air tickets to visit her family along with their children. She goes to her family which comprises of her parents, two brothers among whom one is married and has a daughter. After some days, Hashim tells his kids to return saying that he doesn’t want them to compromise their studies with school going on. Henna's happy world got shattered when she receives divorce papers, and she can't even go to the US as she doesn’t have a green card.

On the other hand, Hashim is shown to be having an extramarital affair with Kamla who is the wife of Nabeel, his best friend. Hashim and Kamla marry, but his children refuse to accept her as their mother. Henna desperately wants to meet her children. She meets Nabeel who offers her to take revenge from Hashim, but Henna denies. Meanwhile, children are facing lots of difficulties to stay with Kamla, and even Kamla starts feeling that it is better to send them to their mother, Henna. She makes a plan to send them but gets caught by Hashim who then divorces her. Meanwhile, Marina who is Adeel’s (Henna's younger brother) friend sets up Henna's marriage with her maternal uncle, Salman.

Henna firstly denies as she doesn’t want to get married the second time but when he promises her to take her to the US so that she can meet her children and get them, she marries him. Adeel starts liking Roma and decides to take Marina's help. Marina is in love with Adeel secretly but never confesses because of her inferiority complex as she is overweight. Eventually, Adeel realizes that he loves Marina and then proposes her. It is revealed that Salman is impotent which makes Henna feel betrayed as she didn’t know all this. She even calls him gay, but later she apologizes when Salman makes her realize that she is treating him like Hashim used to treat her. Henna goes to a doctor along with Salman. Marina successfully loses weight and surprises everyone on the day of her marriage with Adeel. Salman gives a job to Adeel in the US, and Henna is pregnant.

Salman is very happy but denies completing his promise,becoming somewhat selfish as he doesn’t want any trouble in Henna’s pregnancy and he thinks that she would neglect her health. Salman and Henna along with Adeel and Marina reach the US. Henna keeps on pleading to let her meet her kids but is denied every time and is promised by Salman that he would take her to meet her children as soon as the baby is born.

Marina decides to apply for her Masters in a university which Adeel opposes, but soon his decision gets changed by Henna. Henna gives birth to a girl who is named Zarlina, nicknamed as Zee. On the other hand, Hashim along with his children visit Pakistan for meeting Henna but learns about Henna's second marriage. Hashimthen calls Salman so that the children can meet Henna but Salman denies. Henna also wants to meet her children, but Salman denies thinking that if she meets her children, she would forget Zee.

Henna starts to neglect Zee while insisting Salman but later realizes her responsibility as the mother of Zee. A leap of some years is shown. After Zee grows up, Henna shows her children’s photo to her.After seeing them even she wants her elder siblings. Adeel is saddened by Marina's job as he wants to have a baby. Henna unexpectedly meets Hashim and demands to meet her children and thus goes to his house along with him but is shocked to see the condition of her children.

Soni has become a spoilt drug addict whereas Naeel is always alone. She also learns that they hate her for not coming as Hashim had lied to them that it was Henna who was at fault. Henna decides to stay there to make everything correct but still continues to hate Hashim. Salman becomes furious after learning this and goes there with Zee, but Henna blames him for her children’s condition and starts hating him. Salman leaves Zee with her as he is very guilty.

Soni warns Henna to leave the house as she hates Zee and threatens that otherwise, she will create some trouble whereas Naeel likes Zee and plays with her. Zee is kidnapped by Soni who threatens Henna to leave the house which Henna readily accepts.This hurts Soni as she starts thinking Henna only loves Zee so she refuses to agree. Salman comes for meeting Zee and is left surprised by the set-up of Soni. Zee still loves Soni as her elder sister and is living at Soni's friend’s house.

Even though Soni is exploiting Zee but she is also taking care of her. One day, Soni's friend apologizes to Henna by calling her. Henna decides to leave Hashim's house along with Zee, but before going, she reveals to Soni that she doesn’t know the whole truth. Hashim finally reveals about whatever he has done to Soni. Henna decides that she will leave alone as Salman hadn’t kept his promise. Soni tells Henna to never leave Zee alone.

Meanwhile, Marina thinks to leave Adeel as she assumes him to be a male chauvinist but later gets confronted by Salman who tells her that she is the main problem, the one who is difficult to live with and she should never leave Adeel as his love for her is true. Marina finally apologizes to Adeel for her extra headstrong behavior.

Then they lead a happy life together and even start planning for children. Naeel and Soni refuse to be with Hashim and choose to stay with Henna and continue to meet Zee frequently. Soni asks Henna to get back with Salman as he is very nice. Finally, Henna forgives Salman, and they lead a happy life with their children