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Urdu Tv Actress Salma Hassan

Salma Hassan was born on February 25th, 1975 in Karachi. She is acknowledged as an excellent performer and model in Pakistan. She was the middle child in her family. She had an older sister and a younger brother. The bond between the siblings was strong, and she gave higher priority to it throughout her life. She had an interest in pursuing History for her academics. So, she had her education at the University of Karachi where she graduated with a degree in history. However, she longed for acting and desired to perform in front of an audience. With dedication and hard work, she excelled in the drama field and showcased remarkable and memorable performances. Salma was raised to the spotlight through her debut in a Tv drama called " Dhoop Mein Sawan Dhoop Mein Sawan is a Pakistani serial premiered i >> Read More... " on PTV Channel. Her performances were well-received by the audience.

Also, it skyrocketed her reputation as a performer. Salma Hassan is famous for her outstanding performances in dramas such as " Phir Wohi Mohabbat Phir Wohi Mohabbat is a Pakistani drama series tha >> Read More... ," " Bharam Bharam is a 2019 Pakistani television series aired >> Read More... ," and " Pyar Ke Sadqay Story Soon >> Read More... ." She played diverse roles in these plays. These roles demonstrated her talent to a wide audience, and they were adored by critics and fans. Despite personal hardships, such as her divorce from actor Azfar Ali Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Salma has found strength in her family, notably her cherished daughter, Fatima. Their intimate friendship and shared memories have brought her joy and encouragement. Salma's passion for her craft and ability to bring her characters to life has elevated her to a prominent position in the Pakistani television industry. She continues to captivate audiences and create a lasting legacy in the entertainment industry with her ever-growing list of successful endeavors.


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