Hindi Tv Serial Singhasan Battisi

Singhasan Battisi Hindi Tv serials on Dd national

Singhasan Battisi is a Hindi TV serial which was aired on DD National. It was based on the Indian folk story about the 32 or battis statues of angels on the throne or Singhasan of King Vikramaditya. 32 episodes of approximately 45 minutes each were aired for one season. The story begins when a king hears about the superior judgement skills of a shepherd boy. The boy is able to make these wise judgements only when he sits at a certain elevated spot. 

The king decides to find out the mystery behind this and soon discovers the throne that belonged to the wise king Vikramaditya. The king now sits on the throne hoping to recreate the same magic, but he is unsuccessful in the attempt. It is then that the angels from the throne come to life and each of them speaks to the king about the qualities a judge must possess but the king lacks, which is the reason behind the failure of the thrones magic. Each of the 32 angels narrates a story which forms the 32 episodes of the serial.