Jatin Sharma

Other names of Jatin Sharma: Jattin Sharma
Jatin Sharma Hindi Actor

Jatin Sharma is a talented actor who is rocking the Bollywood industry with his vast talent. The Indian born superstar has performed in lot of Indian music videos and has also starred in a lot of movies and soaps. Jatin Sharma starred in movies like Barkha, where he acted as a legendary artist. He has also been an exemplary figure for many upcoming artists in the Bollywood industry. He is currently featured in TV shows like Na Bole Tum, Na Maine Kuch Kaha where he plays the role of Bala. He is also a cast in The Buddy Project The Buddy Project is a TV series that is being tel >> Read More... The Buddy Project season 2, where he takes up the role of Samar.

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Jatin Sharma is a lofty and smart looking TV actor. Jatin was born into an ordinary family from Rajasthan without any background in the film industry. He came into contact in acting while he was in college. Like most of the students in his generation, Jatin was pursuing engineering while one day he says he came across some student practicing for a street play, and was intrigued when he saw the art of acting; he immediately auditioned for it and got selected.

Such was his desire for acting that he left his engineering education in the middle and pursued his acting with more seriousness. When he chose to drop out of college in order to pursue a career in acting, his decision was strongly resented by his parents in the initial years when he went through a struggle period to get a role.

His first breakthrough came with The Buddy Project, where he played the role of a Royal Nawab Samar Pratap Singh and entered the show in an arrogant, negative role of Harsh, the show revolved around the lives of 5 young buddies who are assigned a project. Due to his performance on the show he played the role of Bala, an associate of Vasu in the second season of Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha. Currently, he is working on the lead role of Raju/Pittoo in Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re, which premiered on Life OK in November this year.

During an interview with TOI Jatin quoted that even after the initial struggle he is happy the way his career is panning out, and he holds no regret about his decision of dropping out of the college and he even went on to state that he is living his dream. Even after initial opposition from his parents, he is usually close to them and always considers his options with prior discussion with them. Jatin’s career is an example of how dedication and determination can always lead you to the road of success.