Hindi Tv Serial Siddhant

Siddhant Hindi Tv serials on Star one

Siddhant’ is a socio-legal drama aired on Star One Channel only on every Wednesday at night 10 pm. It is a story of a top lawyer.

Siddhant Mehra is a lawyer who defends criminals and thus ruins the life of an innocent victim. For him, to rise in this profession one has to keep morals in cupboards because that is the only way to succeed in life. Thus, he witnesses a meteoric rise in his career.

The cast includes Pawan Shankar as Siddhant Mehra, who is a lawyer, Suhita Thatte as Mrs. Deshpande and Ravee Gupta as Navya and actress Pooja Ghai Rawal as Miss Arekar and Tom Alter as Mr. Arekar. The lead actor Pawan Shankar had done a brilliant job as the lawyer. It was telecast on Star One channel.