Asmita Sharma

Other names of Asmita Sharma: Asmitaa Sharma

Asmita Sharma is an Indian television actress who is famous for her role in the Star Plus hit ‘Mann Ki Awaaz… Pratigya’ where she played the role of Ammaji, who was an old woman. Asmita is married in real life, and her wedding ceremony was in 2011. Together with television, she has also worked in theatre, and she revealed in an interview that she found theatre more challenging since it involved more rehearsals. She is also the mother of a baby boy whom she gave birth to in 2012.

She became very famous for her portrayal of the old woman ‘Ammaji’ who is a mother in law in the serial. She received praise since even critics agreed that the role was not easy yet she pulled it off with grace. She later had to leave the show due to her pregnancy. She later resumed her role at the show some time after giving birth. According to popular opinion, the producers were confident that the actress would return, and this was the reason why they did not even conclude her character’s role in the serial.

She said that she wanted to do inspirational roles and not only do roles because they were suitable for her characteristics and age. This was what prompted her to act as Ammaji.