Hindi Tv Serial Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat

Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat Hindi Tv serials on Star plus

Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat was an Indian TV soap regarding the journey of a simple girl who became the Queen of a palace. She hailed from low-class strata of society and was forced to work as a servant in a house due to her low socio-economicstatus. Her journey started as a servant and culminated in her becoming theQueen of a palace. The concept itself was very interesting, and the show was dramatized very well according to the concept. The story was about a servant and a simple girl named Rani who became the wife of Rajkumar Yudhistirand Queen of the palace.

The story was about how she managed herself and suited herself as the Eldest Daughter-In-Law in her new home. She took up her responsibilities very well and after going through a lot of obstacles, she was united with her husband. Rajkumar and Rani consummated their marriage and Rani gave birth to her daughter, Sandhya.

An uncommon human being what can be called a ghost named Ira, was in love with Rani’s husband Yudhistir. She came to the house of Rani acting as the Nanny of the new born baby. Rani doubted Ira from the very first day and thus asked an old woman named Bhoomi to unveil the real truth of Ira. She found out that Ira’s original name was Mohini, and she was a very dangerous ghost. Ira played a dirty trick and made Bhoomi dumb. Then a battle occurred in which Rani prevailed victoriously and helped Bhoomi get back her voice.

Then in an interesting turn of event, Rani and Yudhistir died on account of a car accident. Their daughter Sandhya was left all alone owing to the death of her parents. Mohini (Ira) cursed Sandhya because she had died and she wanted to take revenge from Radha. Due to the curse, Sandhya looked very ugly when it was dusk. Then the Royal family appointed a new maid named Sajili, who was actually a thief. Her son was named Viru and Viru, accompanied by his friend Balma, played a trick to fool the Royal Family. He pretended to be Kuvar Veer. Then the Small King and Queen decided to marry off Sandhya to Viru because they thought it would help Sandhya recover from the curse.

On the other hand, Bhoomi’s son Kuvar Aryaman who was younger than Sandhya asked for her hand in marriage with Rajveer. Aryaman and Rajveer decided to have sexual intercourse with Sandhya and thus seduced her. However, Sandhya was unaware of this. They also created a look-alike of Sandhya by gathering her nails, blood, etc. Later Kuvar Aryaman and Rajveer apologized for their deeds to Sandhya and they destroyed the duplicate. Mohini’s curse also vanished, and the series ended on a happy note.

All the cast members were shown to be very happy, and thus, the serial marked its ending. Anjali Abrol played the role of Rani; Kapil Nirmal played the role of Yudhistir, Dimple Jhangiani starred as Sandhya, Rishika Mihani as Mohini, and Sachin Nayak as Viru. The show premiered on 21st January2008. It had a long run. It ended after completing its 637th episode on 1st October 2010. The show was broadcast on Star Plus.