Hindi Tv Serial Pepsi A D A

Pepsi A D A Hindi Tv serials on Sahara tv

Aired on channel Sahara One from Monday to Thursday at 9 P.M. since 14th February, 2005, Pepsi A.D.A is a light-hearted, drama series in Hindi. Directed by Niraj Gupta and produced by Ken Ghosh, the program shows a unique mixture of relationships between various characters in an acting school. The series begins by showing Anita, played by actress Deepshika Nagpal, and Kabir, played by actor Nirmal Pandey, launching their dance and acting school. The school aims at providing a unique learning experience to starry-eyed youth who aspire to become stars on the silver screen.  

Anita and Kabir try to get more and more students admitted into their school to become one of the most successful institutions. They used to take good care of the students enrolled for a batch. The series, based on the glamorous world of cinema, introduced few new characters like Hasan Zaidi, who made his debut with this show. An episode also introduced a well-known actress Nicolette. She played the role of a hot Bollywood starlet in the series who passed out of the acting school a few years ago.

Having a soft corner for Kabir, she leaves no chance to be close to him. Once she enters the academy, the students seemed flattered of her beauty and charm. This event enraged Anita, who is the co-owner of the academy. This series became one of the most watched and liked serials of its time. Pepsi A.D.A got successful in grabbing the attention of the youth of the country, who try to make it big on silver screen. In a way, the show gave them an understanding as to what goes into making of an actor. Apart from the fun part, they learned about the relationships, competition, and challenges which exist for aspiring sartists.

An episode showed how Kathya’s mother, played by actress Krutika Desai, tries to separate Kathya and Ali, played by actor Sachin Shroff. The episode begins by showing a conversation between Monika and Aarti on Ali. Aarti secretly likes Ali and tries to reveal her feelings for him. Kathya’s mother does not like the closeness between her daughter and Ali and she decides to create problems between them by clicking pictures of Ali and Aarti in a compromising state. Kathya, who is disturbed after seeing the pictures, refuses to meet Ali. Ali tries to confess his love for Kathya by visiting her house. Kathya hides him behind the curtain when her mother asks her about a male voice coming from her room.