Hindi Tv Serial Pal Chhin

Pal Chhin Hindi Tv serials on Star plus

Pal Chhin was a drama television serial which was aired on Star Plus in 1999. The show aired for 99 episodes before concluding, and each episode ran for approximately 30 minutes. The serial was aired every Friday. The show was directed by Neena Gupta, and veteran actor Manohar Singh was cast as the protagonist of the show.

The show is about the conflict between traditionalism and the new, fast-paced culture. In the serial, the protagonist, Manohar Singh, who is the patriarch of the Thakur family, holds on to traditional values of life and tries to see the best in people. However, he is frequently hurt by the people he puts his faith in. the old man upholds “old-fashioned” values such as integrity and honesty. His sons are very different from him and do not care about the means by which they achieve their goals. They ignore the patriarch’s idealism and dismiss it as unimportant.

The show satirises the reward oriented mindset of the new generation, where people only do things for their own benefit, and not just for the sake of doing good. Manohar Singh tries to prove that all is not lost; things can still be as good as they were before.