Hindi Tv Serial Paanch-5 Wrongs make a right

Paanch-5 Wrongs make a right Hindi Tv serials on Channel v

Paanch - 5 wrongs make a right is a drama television serial that has a revenge-centered story. It airs on Channel V, a channel known for airing youth-based serials, every Wednesday and Thursday at six pm. The serial is set in the Regents College campus.

The story revolves around Roshni, a shy 18-year-old girl who enters Regents College. She tries to transform herself into a brutal human being in order to take revenge for her sister’s death and succeeds in becoming a determined and Roshni’s sister, Neha, studied in the same college and died by falling off a tall building after she was picked on by her peers at the college. Roshni’s father begged her to go and study in the USA, but Roshni insists on studying at Regent’s College to get her revenge on the five seniors who she holds responsible for her sister’s death.

The five seniors are Gauri, Yudi, Nihaal, Roy and Zaara. She believes that she will not get justice through conventional means and that the only way she will get closure is by taking matters into her own hands. Roshni befriends and is assisted in her task by Nikhil, who gets closer and closer to her as the serial progress.