Hindi Tv Serial Nazrana

Nazarana Hindi Tv serials

Nazarana is the story of Ishita, a young girl. She goes to school diligently, is full of life and loves to mingle with others and share her feelings without hesitation. She is the lovable girl next door. In spite of belonging to a wealthy family, she talks to and interacts with other students freely and without inhibitions. Her life gets a mission one day while on her way home from school, she comes across a blind man who was being troubled and being made fun of by some people on the street. She tells off the goons and gets them to stop pestering the blind man.

She thus becomes friends with him and decides to aid the man by raising money so that he can get an operation done to restore his vision. Ishita soon realizes that this will need her to save up a lot and may not be as easy as she had initially hoped it would be. She lacks support from her family as well and is opposed by her mother, father, teachers and even her school friends.


Benaf Dadachanji, who plays the role of Ishita, hails from Mumbai. She has won many awards and garnered acclaim for her roles in multiple shows. Her most appreciated work remains her portrayal of Shasha in Halo, a Hindi language film directed by Santosh Sivan. She received a National Award for her work in the movie Halo. She has also acted in numerous TV series, most notably for her characters in Jhansi ki Rani, Baa, Bahu Aur Baby and Sumit Sambhal Lega.

Raghubir Yadav portrays the role of the blind man. He is a veteran actor who has performed professionally for many decades on the stage, films as well as TV series. His roles in various productions have won him International awards on many forums as well generated immense critical acclaim. He has played a variety of characters in famous films such as Piku, Peepli Live, Lagaan, Khamoshi and more. Surprisingly, he has never been bestowed with a National Award. He graduated from the National School of Drama in 1977.

Kitu Gidwani and Rajendranath Zutshi aka Raj Zutshiplay the roles of Ishita’s parents. They have both been acting professionally for over three decades and have played many memorable characters through the years. They have received awards on National and International platforms for their work which has generated applause in multiple circuits.