Hindi Tv Serial Nayi Dishayen

Nayi Dishayen  Hindi TV SERIALS on DOORDARSHAN

Nayi Dishayen is a Hindi TV series telecasted on DD Kisan since 2015.The makers of the series chose DD Kisan due to the content showed on the channel.DD Kisan is a 24*7 channel dedicated towards agriculture and focused on innovative methods of farming. Nayi-dishayen covers stories from various parts of the country to showcase how farmers are hard working towards revolutionizing Indian agriculture to a large extent.By adopting latest techniques and methods, other farmers can similarly increase their yield and transform their lives substantially.

Nayi Dishayen is a small step to save farmers in the country who lose hope by facing issues like low crop yield, lack of rainfall in drought-hit villages or lack of capital investment. The first episode of Nayi Dishayen showed how Indian farmers are working towards adopting organic methods of farming for a better harvest. The episode primarily focussed on Salt farming. Salt forms an important constituent of our diet.Without adding the right quantity of salt, the food remains almost tasteless.

Today the farmers are using their fields by fetching water from the sea to generate the salt.The whole process to make salt takes about 45-60 days approximately.The use of advanced methods of farming has helped the farmers to check the salinity of the salt.When the salt is ready, it gets transported to factories and labs where it goes through examination and refinement. Another episode, much liked by viewers, features on how farmers are cultivating exotic vegetables like cherry tomatoes by using latest technological practices of farming.

Today, Cherry tomatoes exist in all types of food items we consume in our everyday life. Be it pizza, pasta or sauces; cherry tomatoes have become the main ingredient in most of the dishes.Cherry tomato grows well in black soil and requires warm weather for growth. Chemical sprays are used from time to time to keep the plants safe from weeds,pests, and rodents. The program is not limited to the production of fruits and vegetables; it shows how farmers are turning attention to the growth of exotic flowers like Orchids, Tulips, Carnations, Dahlias, and Lilies, etc.by taking advantage of robust transformation methods of farming.

Latest scientific innovations in the field of agriculture have made it possible for farmers in India to start cultivating flowers as an alternative source of earning.The emergence and use of tissue culture technique in polyhouseshave made it possible to grow Orchids on a large scale. With the increased production, domestic as well as needs of people belonging to other countries are fulfilled. For more updates on latest techniques and methods adopted in farming, log on to www.ddindia.gov.in/DDKisan.Catchall the episodes of Nayi Dishayen by subscribing to channel DD Kisan available on YouTube.