Hindi Tv Serial MTV Warrior High

MTV Warrior High Hindi TV SERIALS on M TV

Warrior High is an Indian Hindi language television show. The show can be categorized into a teen drama which a very common genre of shows in which the central plot revolves around the lives and struggles of teenage boys and girls. The plot of Warrior High focuses on the teenage students of a prestigious institution in Dehradun called Warrior High School. The school is considered as one of the most prestigious and expensive institutions in India. It also offers scholarships to students who come from poor family backgrounds or are orphans. The story focuses on a bunch of students of Warrior High. Neeti and Utkarsh live in an orphanage and are obsessed with a frog that they have names ‘Maa’ because they believe it is a reincarnated figure of their mother.

They are friends with Siyali who is also a student at Warrior High school. Siyali due to embarrassment hides her identity from others and calls herself by the name of Angela. Later at a fresher’s party, her identity is revealed and she is accepted by the school. The other character is of Parth who has fallen for his teacher who is an ex-student of Warrior High School. Soon she also starts developing feelings for him. The rest of the plot follows this bunch of characters as they go about their life in the school, making new friends, participating in different things, and getting in fights with other students. The show focuses on different themes such as friendships, love, relationships, etc.

Warrior High has a brilliant cast that includes young and talented actors such as Juhi Aslam, Chahat Sabaji, Sanaya Pithawalla, etc. The show was created by Vikas Gupta and directed by Shashank Bharadwaj. The show only had one season along with a total of 85 episodes. It streamed on the popular channel MTV and recorded good ratings. The show was heavily watched by the young audience who loved and related to the characters from the show.