Hindi Tv Serial Malegaon Ka Chintu

Malegaon Ka Chintu Hindi Tv serials on Sab tv

Malegaon Ka Chintu is an Indian comedy show broadcast on SAB TV in 2010.This is based on silent comedy concept in which the actor doesn’t speak much but entertains the audience by his actions.Whole show revolves around the main character Chintu. The second season of this show is broadcast by the name Chintu Ban Gaya Gentleman. Both seasons attracted large audience and made the show successful. The story describes Chintu, his coats, his bicycle and his girlfriend Pinky. The story revolves around all these four things.

Chintu with his girlfriend set out for a world tour where they caught up in different funny and hilarious situations due to Chintu’s activities and these add fun to show. It is a significantly celebrated show and also has many bagged many awards. The show gained popularity not only in India but also worldwide especially in UAE, UK, USA where Indians love watching soaps.He is full of life with a heart of gold. He is very emotional and cannot see anyone in a problem.The show takes the audience through diverse situations in Chintu's life that makes it hilarious. The series is produced by Deepti Bhatnagar.