Hindi Tv Serial Kituu Sabb Jaantii Hai

Kituu Sabb Jaantii Hai Hindi Tv serials on Sahara one

Kituu Sabb Jaantii Hai is a comedy-drama serial that aired on Sahara One channel from November 14, 2005 until October 3, 2006. The show was based on the story of a middle class girl, Katyayini Purohit (Ami Trivedi) who fights her way out through a rather different path in an attempt to balance her family and professional life. Kittu is a smart girl and her dream is to work in a news channel. Kittu tries her best possible way to bring back her family from the bad financial phase as her mom said that no girl will go out of the house for work but later on she agrees. She started working in a news channel.

A guy named, Rohan (Amit Varma) loved kittu like a mad guy. He buys the road clothes so that Kittu does not feel that she is not rich. Rohan’s Mom (Usha Bachani) hates Kittu but was helpless because of his son. After some time Kittu and Rohan’s proposal get accepted. But due to some problems they get separated. Now Kittu starts to love Yuvraaj (Tarun Khanna) his boss in news channel. At the end Kittu and Rohan returns to her after unsuccessful marriage. They decided to go for a mission.

And the story ends. Ami Trivedi Gujarati theatre for many years and has acted in number of Hindi serials also. Her father is a well-known theatre actor, Tushar Trivedi who has been involved in Gujarati plays for over 20 years. Amit Varma is well known for his role as Vishwamitra (aka Vish) Kelkar on the hit television show Hotel Kingston on Star One (Life Ok).