Hindi Tv Serial Heena

Heena Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment
Heena is a well-known Hindi television series, which was broadcasted on Sony Entertainment Television Asia. It started airing in year 1998 and after five seasons, the series ended in year 2003. It was created and produced by Rajeev Tandon under the direction of Talat Jani.

This is a story based on the struggles and sufferings in Heena’s (played by Simone Singh) life. Her marriage life with Sameer (played by Rahul Bhatt) has failed since the night of their wedding when he admitted that he is in love with another woman named, Ruby (played by Rakhee Tandon). Their marriage finally ended with a divorce. Later, Akram (played by Vaquar Sheikh), Sameer’s best friend marries Heena. During this time, Sameer wanted Heena back into his life. His aunt is helping her, but his father later finds out about Ruby and told him to marry her. And since Ruby wanted revenge, she agrees to marry Sameer but his aunt stopped the wedding after recognizing the Ruby’s mother. Akram feels bad for what happened to Ruby. And just when Heena thought that Akram is finally the one, Ruby enters their life again and ruined everything as she became the second wife of Akram.

When Heena finally gets free from Akram, she gained courage to reform her life and begins her own identity. She was pregnant at that time and Akram were very happy about it. Ruby dislikes it so she gave Heena a pill that can kill the baby, but the baby was saved. However, everyone assumes that Heena is trying to kill her own child. Nobody believes her except for Sameer’s family.  
Heena dreams of having a new and peaceful life as a soon-to-be mother and wished to have a healthy baby. However, her trials are not yet done as she gave birth to her twins and one of them was abducted by Akram and Ruby while Heena is in a dangerous state. To be able to save her from the trauma, her father makes up a story and told her that one of the babies was dead. Eventually, as the story ends, she was able to find out the truth and after so many struggles, she got her second baby back and lives a happy life with the twins and re-marries with Sameer. Ruby also finds out that her mother is only using her to get the 5-star tower of Akram.